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Have we ever tried this?

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I love boards like this and pt, the information i have obtained over the years have had good tips for travel, recommendations on places to stay and eat and shows to check out i may not have known otherwise. And I have scored some heady vynil from tips from these boards. And I also get entertained by online personas. Makes work go by that much quicker. If you can navigate through all the rubbish their is some good stuff on here and the lady and myself loves the Foodies forum :) Thanks yall .

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I saw the original post and I really didn't see any reason to flame on NW. I think some people on here take things a bit too personal. Don't get your panties in a bunch fellas.

Well that's the internet for you, I saw things exactly the opposite. From my perspective NW panties were in a bunch and I think Esau and I were just trying to say this is great and nice board by any standard and the vast majority of things that could be misconstrued as holier than though or negative are probably just jokes.

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Esau and Sloth this really had nothing to do with you personally so please don't take it as such. I didn't edit due to your comments (which as you said were fair just contradictory)

Then the shit ranted at you that you refered to was, Kev's and Ollie's one liners? Booche's two pics? Those really got to you that bad you had to edit your original post & refer to them as asshole personas?

I suspect I was right the first time, it was an agree with you or don't bother to reply thread.

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I'm pretty sure that one's real, Todd...it's been floating around the internet for a while now.

It's also featured on one of my favourite new websites (that inevitably gets me laughing out loud, no matter how many asshole internet personalities I've happened to deal with in a day...see how I tied my post into the rest of the thread? Clever, no? :) )


Check it out! :)

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