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Wilco @ Massey Hall

Kanada Kev

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These shows aren't too far away.

Here's a contest to win free tix. Somebody's gotta win. Good luck.




Win a pair of tickets to see WILCO, October 14 at Massey Hall!

Wilco—the Chicago rock band formed by guitarist and songwriter Jeff Tweedy in the mid-1990s—released their seventh studio album, Wilco (the album), on Nonesuch Records in 2009. It follows their Grammy-nominated 2007 recording, Sky Blue Sky (which followed their 2005 double Grammy winner A ghost is born). Recordings were underway at the band’s Chicago studio, The Loft, early in the year, with the band emerging from Chicago’s deep freeze with a completed album released on June 30.

The new offering by the Chicago sextet features, among other things, eleven new songs, a duet with Canadian songwriter/vocalist Leslie Feist and a camel named Alfred as its cover star. The new songs find Tweedy juxtaposing heady, heavy themes like disillusionment (“Country Disappearedâ€), martyrdom (“I’ll Fightâ€) and homicide (“Bull Black Novaâ€) with acceptance (“You Never Knowâ€), love (“You and Iâ€), humor (“Wilco (the song)â€) and more. Sonically the album draws on many of the best elements of Wilco's wide-ranging previous work, while incorporating Tweedy's objective to "use the studio as another instrument.†The result is a unique, complex endeavor.

To check out more, click wilcoworld.net

Deadline for entries is Sunday, October 4 at 11pm. One entry per household.

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This is giving me a broner...



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