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Venezuela to fine networks that air Family Guy


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The Associated Press

Venezuelan authorities plan to fine cable television companies that refuse to stop airing the animated television series Family Guy.

Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami says the program should be pulled from the airwaves because it promotes the use of marijuana.

El Aissami was outraged by a recent episode in which the show's characters started a campaign to legalize marijuana.

He said Thursday that cable networks that broadcast Family Guy would be fined by Venezuela's telecommunications regulator if they refuse to dump the program.

The government of President Hugo Chavez is preparing to impose new regulations on cable television. Among other rules, cable providers could be forced to carry Chavez's frequent speeches.


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I was just trying to imagine how many shows are out there with marijuana or drug references.

Anything HBO



Six Feet Under



The Wire

Eastbound and Down

Heck even regular network TV shows drug use. That '70's show, the Simpsons, American Dad.....

And that doesn't even begin to mention movies! From Cheech and Chong to Pineapple Express and hundreds in between.

Does that mean Venezuela wouldn't show any of them or do they have a hard on for Family guy for some other reason?

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