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Hip Hip Hooray!


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The Tragically Hip tonight and tomorrow at the NAC for me! These tix were purchased so long ago it feels like the show already happened. I'm, how you say, 'stoked'?!!!

Hope to see some of you there!

I'm with you on this! I forgot that we had tix for the same night! What time are you heading over? I'm listening to We Are The Same right now. It's a really solid album.

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They blowed at high dough! (that's a good thing)

that show was facking great. I am so glad I got tix 6 mths ago. Simply put, Gord Downie is an incredible performer and the guitars that bobby baker and paul langois kept swapping out were gorgeous. I had no idea they had such attention to the instrument.

Gord must have practiced walking on the tops of theater seats all day. That was quite a .... wait for it.... feet.

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The show was good. Gord had some good lines. "Ah, the National Arts Centre. What a dump." Of course they didn't play ALL the songs I wanted to hear, but definitely got a few that I wouldn't have thought to request that were excellent. Nautical Disaster, Grace Too and Gift Shop were all amazing, as usual. Encore wasn't too hot.

So after the show I went to the Manx, after a while Bryson and Johnny Fay and a couple of The Hip's techs come in and sit beside us.

Overheard line of the night:

Johnny Fay - Dude, did you see the girl in the front row that looked exactly like Geddy Lee?

Bryson - Yeah, Andrea Martin glasses and all.

For people going tonight and Monday, beware the $8.50 drinks. They don't search at all on the way in so snoot away.

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Hmmm, what did they play last night....

New Orleans Is Sinking

Twist My Arm



Ahead By A Century

100th Meridian

In View

Coffee Girl

Nautical Disaster

Music @ Work

Frozen In My Tracks



Fiddler's Green (acoustic)

Blow At High Dough

Gift Shop

Grace, Too

Yer Not The Ocean

Fingers crossed for Cordelia and Pretend tonight.

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somehow i can't find the setlists page on the hip site today... help! :)

i forgot to bring a pen/book. some tunes they played that i can still remember today...

what AD said ;)

new orleans is sinking

twist my arm

in view

fiddler's green (mini acoustic set)

ahead by a century

yer not the ocean



my music at work

now the struggle has a name

blow at high dough

love is a first


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That was my first ever Hip show and I really enjoyed it. Gord Downey was certainly a force. I thought the audience was absolutely enamored with his every move. So much so that it detracted from the music at times, but man if he doesn`t earn his paycheck. Sweating, crawling over seats, audience interaction, miming, dancing, and the voice! He really puts on a show.

Great band, great songs, great show.

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As we every show these days, there were a large number of digital devices being used. There was one guy in front of us who watched most of the show through his 1.5 inch LCD on the canon.

These devices are definitely distracting but it sure is nice to see even crappy quality vids uploaded to youtube.

New Orleans is Sinking (open3r)


Ahead by a Century


Fiddler's Green


Blow at High Dough (with Gord in the crowd)


Courage (more crowd surfing)


Bob Caygeon (girl strumming Gord's guitar)


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1. New Orleans Is Sinking

2. The Depression Suite

3. Twist My Arm

4. Ahead By A Century

5. Puttin' Down

6. Morning Moon

7. Courage (For Hugh Maclennan)

8. Thugs

9. In View

10. At The Hundredth Meridian

11. Love Is A First

12. Thompson Girl

13. Coffee Girl

14. Fiddler's Green

15. Gift Shop

16. Bobcaygeon

17. Nautical Disaster

18. Escape Is At Hand For The Travellin' Man

19. Poets

20. Now The Struggle Has A Name

21. Yer Not The Ocean

22. Grace, Too

23. My Music At Work


24. Frozen In My Tracks

25. Blow At High Dough


1. Love Is A First

2. New Orleans Is Sinking

3. The Drop-Off

4. It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken

5. Looking For A Place To Happen

6. The Last Of The Unplucked Gems

7. Locked In The Trunk Of A Car

8. Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park

9. Family Band

10. At The Hundredth Meridian

11. The Depression Suite

12. Courage (For Hugh Maclennan)

13. Morning Moon

14. Wheat Kings

15. The Lonely End Of The Rink

16. Ahead By A Century

17. Gift Shop

18. The Dark Canuck

19. Long Time Running

20. Queen Of The Furrows

21. Three Pistols

22. Fully Completely

23. Blow At High Dough


24. Tiger The Lion

25. Little Bones

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Here's the full setlist from Monday night:

The Depression Suite

New Orleans Is Sinking

Don't Wake Daddy

The Exact Feeling

Pigeon Camera

Morning Moon


The Dire Wolf

In View

At The Hundredth Meridian

Love Is A First

Boots Or Hearts



Springtime In Vienna


Nautical Disaster

Throwing Off Glass

Now The Struggle Has A Name


Honey, Please

My Music At Work

Blow At High Dough (Gord stuck the microphone in my face so I got to sing a line in the chorus!)


Grace, Too

Fire In The Hole

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found the full setlist on the hip website, so I reposted this
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