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The Trews acoustic in Kingston!


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Hey folks,

It seemed the time was right for me to try my hand and concert promoting again, so I'm bringing The Trews to Kingston on December 9 for an acoustic show at the amazing Sydenham Street United Church. This venue probably has the best natural acoustics in the city (I have yet to hear better).

Tickets are $18 advance and go on sale Friday - Brian's Record Option, Sunrise Records (Cat Centre) and www.ticketbreak.com


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Can't wait for this show in Kingston. We went to see them last week in Picton and they put on a great show. By the end of the first set, the crowd was dancing in the aisles at the Regent Theatre. They did a great cover of James Brown's, I'll Go Crazy:

'ersh got a very large bra thrown at him and the drunkards just got worse from there. Don't get me wrong, I love to have a few drinks and sing and dance, but I did so from my seat. As a die hard fan, I went to see The Trews, not some drunk guy getting on stage to do The Robot. Anyway, the guys didn't seem to mind. They sang some of my favourite songs like Montebello Park and The Traveling Kind...songs they don't usually play at the electric shows. John-Angus broke a guitar string and they just kept jamming until they could pick up where they left off. After the show my two pre-teen daughters (who I may have brainwashed about The Trews) got their picture taken with Sean the drummer. It was pretty funny that when they asked him to autograph their CD covers, he didn't recognize their new album cover. I told him it was a Nickleback CD. Really, a great show and if you have a chance to see them on their acoustic tour...GO! You will not be disappointed.

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