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Habs @ Leafs - opening night!


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I love how last year ya'll laughed at Komi getting voted to the all-star game via the MTL fans and this year all your media mules are referring to him as "All-Star Mike Komisarek". You stupid cunts. Lap it up!

A known fact, Leaf fans have the lowest IQ of all hockey fans. In.The.World.

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I agree with DaveO.........but, this game was all about Mike Komisarek.

Thank you very much you fucking scab because you havent stopped sucking since Lucic, evidently. And wait until he starts dumping the puck up the middle of the ice for easy takeaways Leaf fans. Dont forget I told you so.

What about those refs? Seriously. Poor job boys. Poor job. The Habs had no reason winning that game. It's going to take a solid 10 games before they figure out their own end.

Three stars:

1 - Price

2 - Komi

3 - The MTL Metro

Hal Gill was terrible. Loved Gionta.

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Forgot about The Metro until I saw highlights during the 2nd intermission of the late game. I'm dunk as fuÇk.
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Oh yeah, loved the third line. Dagger was given'r. He's definitely playing to stay. O'Byrne got smarter which made his hands look better than stone.

On the negative side......bigtits played more like he had little tits. What a shot though. I hope Jacques can figure out a way to utilize it.

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Fun game last night. First time in a long time I actually taped a game so I wouldn't miss it.

Game was sloppy, but hard hitting and fast as hell. One of those games that would have been fun to be at. Unlike Booche, I had no problem with the refs. Let the teams play, some good emotion to the game.

Holy Christ that Stalberg kid is fast!

And Carey Price gave a clinic on what practicing the fundamentals can do for your game. Solid goal tending.

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