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i've been waiting since 1984 for this...


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1984?? what about 2006? it's not like they've even made it to the WS quite yet. and chances are they won't. whoever wins the tiebreaker will likely just be extending their season for one more week.

and let's not forget 1987. great team, but lost to the inferior twins. the ALCS that year was eally the final series b/w the Jays and the Tigers. Tigers had nothing left in the tank for the Twins.

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Whoever that ponce is playing left field for Detroit should get an earful when this inning ends. What a poor attempt on that 2 run homer!

It totally look playable, if not catchable. Me? I could have done better on 7 beers and a hit off Precious.....which is pretty much where things stand now.

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