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With all the Afterparty talk......

mister slippery

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how come no-ones talking about these 2?

Probably gonna be good fun, a good way to let off some steam after 2 crazy nights.

No, Jillians is not a strip bar, it's a music venue, and one I hope to be at.


Nov. 27-28, 2009

(check the listings on the page I linked)

Apols if old news, new to me.


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Yes the website is awful.

Dunno why it's not linking now, either. Too much traffic? I know nothing.

Anyway, it lists two after parties the nights of 27-28 nov, for phish aftershows. Night 2 is Raisinhill, cant remember night 1 right now.

Phish aftershows would seem to come right after phish shows.

I know a man named Wayne, whose opinion I trust. He knows the promoters and says if they've put their name on it it's legit. Take that for what you will.

God knows when we'll get official dates, but I'm hearing Portland ME right after these, then who knows.

I know nothing.


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Night 2 is Raisinhead.

Never heard of them.



Aloha' date='


Raisinhead are great. They're an Ominous Seapods offshoot, and I've seen them as they've come through Lake Placid a bunch of times. Decent original stuff and well-played, familiar covers, but call them a "cover band" would be to sell them short.

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