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Winner Announced for moe. tickets! CONTGRATS!

Jay Funk Dawg

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Embrace and Nufunk are pleased to announce the winner of the moe contest.

Big Congrats to Anne Thomson!

She has won a pair of tickets to moe. this Saturday as well as a special gift from the band.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest - we appreciate all the interest and support on this project. As a gift from the band to everyone in www.jambands.ca land please follow this link and download some free live tracks from Moe.down X.


Thanks from

Jay @ Nufunk & Steve @ Embrace

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This is a legitimate contest - no fixing. Embrace and Nufunk have put their money on the line to bring these Big American bands to Toronto and we cannot do it without the support of the Jambands.ca community. I assure you that this contest was run fair. Apologies for announcing the winners with such short notice.

Please check the link and download this exclusive gift to all Canadian moe. fans.

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I can't go. :( :crazy: :mad:

Awww man! Had I known even one day earlier all would have been fine but just on Tuesday I bought a ticket to go to my grandmother's for T-giving. Blast!

Can I pass on my winnings to TungstenGruvsten (who stated he needs tickets and likely would have gotten my extra)? I'm sure he wouldn't mind seeing moe. in sleeveless shirts.

Either that or draw again.

Sheesh, what a buzz kill.

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