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Wilco Tonight?


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any updates?

Setlist (copied from the Via Chicago board):

1. Wilco (The Song)

2. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

3. Bull Black Nova

4. You Are My Face

5. One Wing

6. A Shot In The Arm

7. Either Way

8. Impossible Germany

9. I'll Fight

10. Handshake Drugs

11. Pot Kettle Black

12. How To Fight Loneliness

13. Jesus, etc.

14. Hate It Here

15. Theologians

16. I'm The Man Who Loves You


17. Heavy Metal Drummer

18. You Never Know (w/Liam Finn)

19. Can't Stand It

20. Walken

21. Monday

22. Outtamind (Outta Site)

23. Hoodoo Voodoo

Lots of highlights for me...Pot Kettle Black, How to Fight Loneliness, Monday, the Jesus etc. sing along. Bull Black Nova was great in concert as I expected...Nels was amazing as usual. Great show over all. Wish I was going again tonight...have fun!

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In point form:

* Pat Sansone's and Nels Cline's guitar duel was killer.

* Tweedy is funny, and he will not lie to you.

* Tweedy plays beautiful guitars.

* Nels plays ugly guitars.

* I want a gong.

* Toronto crowds sit a lot.

* Wilco attracts hipsters, like New Rider attracts flies.

* A Shot in the Arm was a highlight.

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Yeah, probally a better bet anyways. They had a bunch of floors on sale awhile ago. Great show last night and my section of the balcony was all standing. Highlights for me were shot in the arm, pot kettle black, how to fight loneliness, theologians and the monday, outta mind outta site. Also the solo by impossible germany was amazing. Can't wait for hamilton and ottawa shows!

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