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Monsters of Folk tour starts


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3 hours set! WOW!

1. Whole Lotta Losin

2. Right Place

3. Soul Singer

4. Man Names Truth

5. We are Nowwhere - (Oberst & Moogis)

6. Lenders (Oberst & Moogis)

7. Lullaby (Ward & Onerst)

8. 100 Million (Ward Song)

9. W Mard Song

10. Out Of My Head (Yames & Ward)

11. Slowdown Jo

12. Dear God

13. Magic Marker

14. To Save Me

15. Baby Boomer

16. Ahead Of The Curve

17. Temazcal

18. Golden

19. Yames & Conor Oberst

20. Bermuda Hwy (Yames & Oberst)

21. Look at You (Yames) - NOT PLAYED

22. Wonderful (Yames & Ward)

23. Sandman Brakeman and Me

24. Map Of The World

25. Paul's Song

26. Goodway

27. Hit The Switch

28. Smokin from Shootin

29. Say Please

30. Losin Your Head

31. At Dawn

32. Vincent

33. Travellin

34. His Masters Voice

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Question: When did Jim James become Yim Yames ?

just wonderin...

edit:never mind, just read this

James, who has lately been producing solo material under the moniker Yim Yames, concurs: “It was very peaceful and hilarious. No ego. No drama. Just a lot of song-trading and ideas floating around and good times. We worked hard on the songs and the ideas, but it never felt strenuous or rushed.
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Actually, M. Ward has been playing some of his solo "hits". I'm really hoping Jim plays a solo version of the greatest song he's ever written: "I Will Be There When You Die".

I'm in Row F or something like that. I left my tickets on my fridge, so I can't verify my seats, but I'm up close, just off centre.

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that was unbelievably beautiful last night.

Yim Yames voice is incredible and it filled the room whenever he stepped to the mic.

I LOVE M.Ward too. His songs, his guitar playing, his voice.

I loved every minute of the show and for half of it I swear all the hair on my arms were standing up and I had goose bumps!

the best part of the evening had to be the Dear God (my fave track off the new album) and then they went into a ROCKIN' Vincent O'Brien (my fave M.Ward song).

That's the 3rd show in a row at Massey Hall that I have paid $20 and scored a great seat to see a wicked good band :)

Thanks Monsters

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Great great show last night. I didn't hear one bad or subpar song during the concert's 2 1/2 hours, which is something I can't recall experiencing before; heck even The Who and Stones have some dogs in their live catalogue.

Highlights for me include Conor and Jim doing a duet version of "I Will Be There When You Die", several M. Ward-led Monsters of Folk tunes and Bright Eyes solo stuff; Conor acted more as a sideman to Ward and James on the night and I think being in this allstar band keeps his eccentricities in-check to some extent.

The encore was a let-down though; just one song, "His Master's Voice", followed by waves of feedback a la Evil Urges.

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The encore was a let-down though; just one song, "His Master's Voice", followed by waves of feedback a la Evil Urges.

that's how I felt too.

His Masters Voice was incredibly beautiful, but from the looks of past shows setlists they were busting out 3 to 4 song encores.

Oh well, after such a great night of music I could only leave with a huge smile on my face.

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Hopefully they do a european leg to their tour!

they are

Tour: 2009 Europe

Nov 16th



Coal Exchange

United Kingdom

MONSTERS of FOLK in London


United Kingdom

Nov 19th

MONSTERS of FOLK in Stockholm

Philadelphia Church


Nov 20th

MONSTERS of FOLK in Copenhagen



Nov 21st


The Hague


Nov 22nd




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Last night was amazing. I loved the variety of arrangements. everything from switching instruments to switching the line-up on stage. Solo's, duets, full band; they did it all. It was like a circus of folk. Every time the lights dropped between songs there was an element of suspense and surprise as to what would come next.

I'd love to see a set list as one of my highlights from the evening is on the tip of my tongue, but I still can't place it. I think it may have been a cover. 'Map of the World' was hauntingly beautiful and M. Ward blew me away with the few solo tunes he played. I never realized how proficient he was on guitar.

Anyways, all in all a spectacular show. Again, if anyone has or knows where to find a set list, I'd be much obliged... :)

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Here's an out of order setlist, plus a venue specific limited edition poster (I got #104/250):


The Right Place

Say Please

Whole Lotta Losin'

Man Named Truth

One Hundred Million Years (M. Ward)

One Life Away (M. and Jim)

Chinese Translation (M.)

Baby Boomer

Ahead of the Curve

Golden (full band)

I Will Be There When You Die (Jim and Conor)

Bermuda Highway (Jim)

Look At You (Jim)

Wonderful (The Way I Feel) (Jim and Will Johnson)

We Are Nowhere And It's Now (Conor and Mike)

Leaders In The Temple (Conor and Mike)

At The Bottom of Everything (full band)

Kathy With a K's Song (Conor, M. Ward, Will Johnson)

Map of the World

Slow Down Jo

Dear God

Vincent O'Brien (full band)

Soul Singer In The Session Band (full band)

The Sandman, Brakeman and Me

Smokin' From Shootin' (full band)

Hit The Switch (full band)

Losin' Yo Head


His Master's Voice


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