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happy birthday Kanada Kev

Big Wooly Mammoth

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Thanks for all the kind bday wishes people :)

I had a great time and celebrated the best I could for the past few days. It all started out on Thursday with that amazing Wilco concert at Massey Hall. Then, a kickass party at my neighbour's house across the street with tons of quality food, drinks, {sld}, etc. Saturday I got to see Jack's hockey team come from behind and Jack get an assist on the winning goal in the dying seconds (7-year-old hockey rocks!!!) And the evening provided for a mind/soul bending experience having the opportunity to see Ravi and Anoushka Shankar at the best music hall i've ever attened (i've seen 3 shows there in the last 3 weeks http://performance.rcmusic.ca/venues/koernerhall ) Then Sunday hit and it was officially my bday ... i got up at 5:45am to take Jack to his hockey practice and assist in the coaching. Dim Sum midday then chillout for the remainder of the day.

Busy, fun, and spent with my family and friends. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Officially 39 and holding (a la Jack Benny )

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