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lawyer question?


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hey there. in the process of trying to buy the place we rent, (which we are not getting now due to a myriad of reasons) we discovered the water is unsafe to drink. we required a water potability test to get approval for our mortgage. Anyhow when we moved in I specifically asked if it was safe and do they get it tested? They responded yes to both these. After we found out it was not safe I asked when the last time they tested it was and they could not give an answer. I am on an immunosuppressant medication, therefore the potential for harm was there due to their negligence. Also we have had children over and pregnant people. No true elderly people have visited. While no E.Coli 0157H7 was found, coliforms were found in the water indicating a problem with the purification system, and potential for E.Coli and other water pollutants. At the worst these could result in death if you are in one of the four aforementioned categories.

However, thankfully, I do not think there was harm.

Basically what I want to know is what are my rights in this situation? I phoned the tenant board who said to buy bottled water and submit the receipts to our landlord. Any other advice. I mean we have paid them over 15 000 in rent since moving in, and it makes me very very angry they did not spend 50 bucks to get the friggin water tested :susel:

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I'll give you my answer from a real estate agent perspective:

If you didn't do your own water test before you bought the house, it's your fault.

Water tests are free and are recommended to be done every three or four months, whether you're the home owner or a tenant.

There are potential solutions ... you can try 'shocking the well,' which means pouring bleach in the well, running the water through all the taps for an hour and that should kill anything living in the pipes, and maybe the source water is actually clean? Failing that, you can get a UV system installed for under $1000.

So, basically, you should be doing your own water tests, but the landlord is required to provide you with safe drinking water ...

I hope this helps.

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