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Star Wars Live in Ottawa


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May the force be with you, maestro. The music of "Star Wars" is hitting the stage with a multi-media show worthy of the movies that inspired it.

"Star Wars: In Concert" will kick off an American tour this fall. The shows will feature a live full symphony orchestra and choir performing John Williams' award-winning soundtrack, accompanied by film clips from George Lucas' seminal franchise and a traveling museum of intergalactic props.

"We've taken the key themes from the music and cut together all the images that fit with each theme, so you can really get a sense of how the music played into the images," said Lucas in a statement released Thursday.

"The whole soundtrack is a testament to John Williams' creativity and his extraordinary ability to enhance the emotional aspects of the films."

Anthony Daniels, the actor whose clipped British accent immortalized golden droid C-3PO in the movies, has been suitably tapped to narrate the 2-hour live event.

The shows will also include some original film montages created by Lucas Film, plus an exhibit showcasing costumes and new and old props from the six feature films.

The tour kicks off in Anaheim, Calif. on October 1, and will play about 40 dates across the U.S. and Canada before the end of the year.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/movies/2009/07/25/2009-07-25_star_wars_live_multimedia_concert_tour_to_make_rounds_this_fall_with_live_sympho.html#ixzz0UftibiMx

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