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RC: Gov't Mule in Montreal


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10.28.2009 Le National Montreal, Quebec Canada

Set 1

Bad Little Doggie

Bad Man Walking

She Said, She Said >

Tomorrow Never Knows

Tastes Like Wine

Birth Of The Mule

Fool's Moon

Any Open Window

Steppin' Lightly

Inside Outside Woman Blues

Set 2

Broke Down On The Brazos

Thelonius Beck

Frozen Fear >

Brighter Days >


Child Of The Earth

Monkey Hill

Slackjaw Jezebel


Hallelujah Warren & Danny

Stay With Me with Sebastien Plante

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Thanks for that setlist Kev. We arrived at the club in the middle of Bad Man Walking (made a little late due to bickering about whether or not we should park in what was clearly a no-parking zone). After a few songs we found some open space close to the stage. Met up with quite a few Ottawa folks who made the quick trip to Montreal for the night.

The band was really cookin' last night. I totally enjoyed the show, every song was awesome. The new bassist Jorgen Carlsson is easily their best since Woody. He playing style is similar.

The encore of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" was beautiful - just Warren accompanied by the organ player Danny Louis. We were wondering if this song was a one-off for the Montreal crowd, but they do play it from time to time.

The final song "Stay with me" was performed with incredible energy. The vocalist from Montreal band The Respectables guested on this one and he evoked Rod Stewart perfectly.

All in all, a fantastic show, although I expected them to play a little longer. A quick stop at Schwartz's for smoked meat sammies and then St-Viateur for bagels and we were on our way home.

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I enjoyed last night's Mule show, although maybe not as much as FBN. The songs that rocked REALLY rocked but there were stretches that felt flat, in particular the new and newer material, save for Steppin' and Brazos. Loved Fool's Moon!

Kind of weird to see Mule and not hear at least one of Thorazine Shuffle, Mule or Soulshine. I guess it's a sign of growth but I missed them more than I would have expected.

The encores were really strong. Stay With Me rocked and left me wanting more. Kind of a random guest spot but Plante was good so hey!

When did Montreal crowds become so chatty though? I had to shush a guy during Hallelujah, and I never do that but jesus christ it was disrespectful.

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I thought I was gonna cry during some of them guitar parts. Beautiful!

Only complaint I have is that the second set did have some flat parts, picked up towards the end and then the show was over...sure wish it could have gone on a littler longer with them playing those songs Ollie mentioned and a few more excellent covers in the likes of Hallelujah.

Ocelot...did you finally get your flag signed by Warren?

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