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@ Casbah,

10pm, 19+, $10 at the door


with very special guests, FRIENDS OF HEFNER

plus DJ Andrea WK spinning funky danceables.

Prizes for the "most radical" costume. Costumes yearned for, but not mandatory.

$3 Jagermeisters, $3 Sicilian Kisses, $3 Goldschlager

On tap: Mill St Tankhouse, Nickelbrook Organic Lager, Creemore, Steamwhistle, Keith's & Stella


306 King St W, Hamilton



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Great night last night! Hope you all enjoyed the glow sticks!

Prizes for the "most radical" costume. Costumes yearned for, but not mandatory.


By the way, what happened with costume prizes? I don't recall anything being announced at all. Boo!

Well my vote goes to Jenny with her boobtastic Dolly Parton costume!!! Sooo funny!

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Glad I made it out...almost didn't make it... big exam today.

Shaking out the cobwebs was just what I needed! I love seeing the folks get all freaky!

A pretty different set for the boys. Couple new tunes and covers (including a Vera and Dancing Days)!

c-towns you are one brave mo'fo!

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was great to get out.....

last time out was for the closing of PJC.

is it always that loud....man, i suck.

but the room was great! lots of folks dancing, lots of great costumes. got to hang with my brantford friends....which i dont get to see enough.

laz, well, damn, he was there...guess that's the only low point of the night.

only strange part was all these folks talking about eight? thought to myself, ate what?

oh, and TUNER was out in full force! any time i get to see tommy, especially in that form, makes my night....

he's still talking big cypress like it was yesterday....then again, it might have been for tuner.

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