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8 on Sirius/XM


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I'm not sure about being able to listen online with the trial - but when the dead shows were simulcast I was able to listen online that way.

For the Philly dead show I wasn't at home (or was it somewhere else?) anyways, I went and bought the receiver. I went XM. Cheapest one I could find was about $39.99 w/ car and home connections. Got it from Best Buy. Also got a sign up deal with no activation and $4.99/month for the first 6 months... I'm sure you can still get that if you do a google search (try searching RedFlagDeals as well) and/or by just calling and negotating with them.

Only thing I'd do different is I would consider buying a better receiver next time - maybe one with a remote.... but it works, and I'm hooked to the Dead channel.

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If anyone is buying a sirius device I reccomend the stilletto. It's small and portable so you can use it in your car, home, hotel, work, etc. PLUS it records like a PVR so you can fast forward through parts you don't like and you won't miss things you want to hear.

It's great for things like this Festival 8 weekend or Howard Stern interviews.

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Thanks for the heads up about this! I just signed up for the free trial and have tuned into the JamON station. It's coming in nice and clear. I will enjoy listening to the festival broadcast while I get some things done around the house this weekend. And I can see myself getting hooked on Sirius, after resisting the urge for a while now.

Peace, Mark

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