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Here's how Raptor games go for me this year:

Oh, cool, there's a Raptor game on. Nice, they've got a lot of new guys this year, should be fun to watch. Hey, look at that, it's the second (or third) quarter and they're winning by 12. Uh-oh, looks like the other team is putting together a little run. Aw, time-out, crap. I'll just change the channel to something else for a bit. Then I forget about Rap game until new show ends. Suddenly I remember the ball game! Switch back to the Raps. The other team is now winning 127-92.

And worst of all, I miss the Swirsk dammit. Im sorry for any of the bad things I ever said about him. Didn't realize how good we had it. Sigh...

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I find it interesting that Basher stopped talking smack regaring the Raptors the second he stopped going to games for free. Has there ever been a bigger fair-weather fan?

What the fuck are you talking about?

Your first post in the official 2009/10 Raptors Fan Forum thread! Congrats!

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