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New Phish SBD surfaces 2/24/90

Kanada Kev

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The Bayou

Washington DC


Source: SBD (Nak analog deck built into SBD) > Cass/master (Maxell XL-II)

Transfer: Playback JVC-TD-W354 > WAV > Audacity (editing) >CDWAV (tracking) > FLAC16

Transfer by: Taperwayne (taperwayne@gmail.com)

Recorded by: Lew Nelson.

Huge thanks to Lew for sharing his source tapes!

Lew's notes: A friend of mine went to college with Mike and said that his "connection" would be worth bringing

a deck to the show. It turned out to be quite a hassle to patch in and the sound man + the Bayou manager eventually

let me use the Nak deck built into the sbd. What I thought would be a professionally recorded gorgeous show turned

out to sound fine but not earth-shattering. At any rate these are the masters – see what you think and

digitize them if you can.

Wayne's notes: The only editing I did in Audacity was to boost the overall levels of the recording, which brought out the

tape hiss a little bit. I also crossfaded the tape flips, edited out a 30 second gap in The Sloth, and added fades to the end

of each set. YEM was a live soundcheck, so there is some feedback issues from the master, while Paul got the sound right.

Tape flips are notated with //.


Disc #1


02. You Enjoy Myself

03. Golgi Apparatus

04. Divided Sky

05. Esther >

06. Po//ssum

07. I Didn't Know

08. Run Like An Antelope

09. Take The A Train

Disc #2

01. The Sloth

02. Oh Kee Pah Ceremony >

03. AC/DC Bag

04. Fee

05. The Squirming Coil >

06. La Grange

07. Bathtub Gin

08. Lawn Boy

09. Co//ntact

10. The Lizards

11. Caravan

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