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Sun TV to air Beautiful Noise series soon


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For those of you who caught shows at the Berkeley Church last spring (including the awesome MMJ show), it appears that Sun TV will begin to air these performances on Saturday nights at 8pm

Here's where I got that info

Here's the show website

This Saturday they're showing the performance from British Sea Power.

I hope someone manages to record the MMJ show. Maybe someone can get word to the masses on the MMJ board? Jaimoe?

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I've already caught a few episodes of Beautiful Noise on SunTV HD. My friend even watched some of the MMJ gig. I watched a dreadfully dull and pathetically edited North Mississippi Allstars episode last year.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for MMJ's performance since it was the far better of their two shows I caught last year... and I hope the editors didn't ruin this one.

I'll let the Jacket folks know about this on the MMJ forum.

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Cool. I caught and (gasp!) vhs taped the Kaki King months and months ago on Beautiful Noise. So glad I was there to catch that show.

Actually, come to think of it the Kaki King was on bravo on some jazz program that I can't remember the name of.

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But hey, they've added HD-Big Ten. Why? I don't know, but the channel will come in handy during the NCAA basketball season.

I noticed that one a couple of weeks ago. Weird.

They've also got a few HD channels on free preview this week like Oasis and Treasure. Who would even pay for these?

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