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Sunday morning


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You watching Min at GB there?

Yes. There was a healthy contingent of jersey wearing hardcores of both teams. It was sweltering hot. I was trying to drink my Bloody Mary in the shade of a small tree trunk and still see the game.

On another note there was like a thousand people in this area watching the World Series game between sets on Sunday night.

I would write more (at least I looked after my Rich Stadium brethren first) but I am severely jet lagged, flew out of L.A. Monday night at 10:30, couldn't sleep on the plane, got into TO at 6Am, had to wait 4 hrs, couldn't sleep on the bench, got home yesterday at 2. Uggggghhhhh I feel like I am underwater right now.

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Those of us who had been up all night doing drugs were in no mood for acoustic drivel. We wanted football and strong drink, and lots of it.

A. That sounds very much like a Hunter S. Thompson line.

B. HST would definitely wear a shirt like that on a Sunday morning in the midlle of nowhere

C. I can see why Schwa would want to get it up upon being sent that image.

D. Just don't know why he couldn't (I'm not having trouble).

E. Perhaps he does indeed miss Hal. A lot.

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