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FLOWMOTION on the Left Coast


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Hey everybody... it's been 3 months since Bonfire 2009 & it's time to bring the clan back together for another night of amazing live music with our good friends from Seattle, Washington...


Friday November 13th

Arts Club Backstage Lounge

1585 Johnston - Granville Island

$15 @ the door

Show starts at 10:15 pm - 2 FULL SETS!!

Those of you who know... know. For those of you that don't... trust me. It'll be $15.00 of very well spent money! The boys have been growing, writing, touring, performing & honing their craft to a fine, well-oiled, melodic jam-rock machine... all the while gathering steam South of the border after a SMOKING performance to headline their 9th Annual Summer Meltdown Festival in Darrington, WA this past August.

Read about some of their exploits from a couple of music critics that seem to be jumping on board with much enthusiasm!

Dennis Cook - JAMBASE. com - Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA) review - This is primo melodic rock grounded in rhythms that draw from Latin rock and juke joint blues to create expansive, dexterous groove music with hair on its chest and a quick step. This Seattle band has garnered a large, fervent following in the Pacific Northwest (including their annual Summer Meltdown Festival), and there's gleeful rock gusto to what they do, and much like PMW, they seem ripe for wider discovery. On some surface level, I can see Phish lovers falling for Flowmotion, though lead singer-guitarist Josh Clauson is a stronger, more passionate singer than anyone in that famous quartet. This set ebbed and flowed from balls-out chargers to quite tender ballads, different sections showing Southern rock, Pink Floyd and other classic FM radio influences given a morphing, graceful turn of their own. High energy, charismatic performers and excellent, limber musicians, Flowmotion deserve an audience well beyond Washington State."

Dennis Cook - JAMBASE. com - Summer Meltdown Festival (Darrington, WA) review - "They are a rock band in the open-minded mold of the 1970s, able to synthesize distinctly funky, jazzy elements into a tough whole. Listening side stage much of the set, watching them closely as they plied their trade with broad, mischievous grins, I was reminded of my childhood days listening to AM radio, where Al Green sat comfortably next to Steely Dan, Charlie Rich, Hall & Oates, Springsteen and Bob Marley – all inflections of broadminded groove, thoughtfully textured and possessed of a craftsmanship and intelligence almost entirely absent from today's mainstream."

Mike Bookey - The Source Weekly (Bend, OR) - It’s been about nine months since they last dropped into Bend, but Seattle’s Flowmotion is returning once again for another high-energy, multi-genre rock and roll explosion.

It’s been fun to watch Flowmotion grow over the past two-plus years of playing in Bend. A jam-packed show at the Annex in late 2007 (which was capped with a cover of Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains the Sameâ€) led to a laser-lighted 4 Peaks preview show, which then brought them to the actual 4 Peaks main stage. At that performance, the band woke up the campgrounds, bringing the music fans to the stage early for an early afternoon performance that showcased how big the band’s sound can spread when it has the room.

Fronted by the smooth yet strong vocals and guitar of Josh Clauson and further fueled by the lead guitar of RL Heyer, Flowmotion plays quintessentially honest rock and roll, but can get funky when needed. The band’s new single, “How I Know†is a perfect example of the band’s evolution from jam band to all-encompassing rock act.

Jackie Devereaux - Desert Local News - Joshua Tree Music Festival review - http://www.flowmotion.net/press_archive/joshua_tree.html




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