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Just getting back from a weekend away. I also really enjoyed the show. I've seen cornmeal twice before...first time they blew me away, second time, not so much. This past show was a good one I thought. I thought the fiddle player (which was not always as loud in the mix as she should have been) was amazing. She brought some darker tones to the more conventional grass sound. Also thought the banjo player busted out some interesting jams. Straying from the typical rhythms and chord progressions at times which was cool. I picked up one of their albums on the way out the door, and I am less impressed with that...

The opening band (The Treasures?) was also fantastic. A pleasant surprise. I'm assuming they're a young, up and coming band, but their three part harmonies were really impressive. Mellow, but great Americana type of groove.

Missed you Tigg and Beck...and a bunch of others I would have assumed were going to be at the show.

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I didn't see any cd's there, are you sure it is a cornmeal cd or was it something jaydawg gave you.


I was impressed yet again by these guys, I would almost call them dancegrass which is fine by me, I loved the grooves.

Good to meet RobL and Ocelot who sure love them some cornmeal.

I'd see the opening band again also.

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