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cell phone gettin'


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I'm gettin' a cell phone. Any advice on gettin' one of these? I haven't had one for a bout seven years so don't know much about gettin' one.

My brother is actually takin' care of the gettin' and he and sis are gettin' one of these:


Should I get one of those too?

I see that it comes with a free:


... so I'd be all set there.

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Yo Bacon,

The phone is one thing, the plan is totally something else. As far as I'm concerned the basic features of phones these days are the same. I don't use my phone for music, stroking someone's twitter, and rarely text.

Just saying that if you just want a phone to use as a phone and maybe text some folks, pay for a decent phone up front and stay the hell away from getting locked into a long-term contract.

**Personal results and opinions may vary.

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Yeah, my bro is taking care of all the planny stuff... I can't be bothered. I guess with Bell there was some sort of deal where they pay 150 of the phone cost/ hook up fee and the plan is $40 per month and the iPhone wasn't an option for some reason... don't ask me.

I'm going with that Samsung unit.


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I Know you said iphone is not a option but it should be. Its the best piece of technology I've ever had. Music, email, Internet, games, movies ... and it's a phone. also i can Skype and use a free phone service.. no charges on my bill. and for music junkies like myself there are a millions applications that will blow your mind. have a look a the Shazam app, it's totally free and i use it daily http://www.shazam.com/

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