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This is all over the hockey news lately. I don't understand what is happening, largely because I don't want to read about the inner workings of a union.

So, is this NHLPA stuff worth paying attention to? If so, what's going on and what does it all mean?


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Booche and I have been following and laughing about this mess for a few years now. I made one correction:

It means they are a bunch of concussed selfishcunts who are going to get fugged over during the next collective bargaining agreement while DaveO and I sit back and laugh at them for their idiocy.
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Corruption I tell you....

Ever since Eagleson's embezzling fiasco, to email spying, unheard of contracts the NHLPA has been a joke.

They tried to clean things up with Paul Kelly, coming in...unfortunately he was fired, some saying because he was coming close to identifying members who were mis-spending union money. He also, apparently, was getting too close to Bettman, and not working in the best interests of the players.

And of course...over the weekend I guess Buzz Hargrove resigned...It's obviously becoming a two sided affair at the NHLPA....

Anyhoo...much like what's happening at our union right now...very two-sided...power vs not so much power...

It is hilarious

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