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Steven Tyler 'quits' Aerosmith


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what bums me out is that I think they could have put out at least one more killer album if they hired Rick Rubin (as proven by his work with Metallica, among others).

but agreed.. if there is no Steven Tyler (or Joe Perry.. or Tom Hamilton but I'm biased with that one) then they should just call it a day.

anyone wanting to start a poll on how many ballads will be on the Brand Tyler solo album? My vote goes for all but two songs.

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Maybe he's gonna do the American Songbook like Rod Stuart....I wonder what songs haven't been done by a rock singer now what with Linda Rondstat (sp?) etc ..

..hey maybe Just a Gigolo.....oops already done...

....hey maybe a bluegrass version of Love in an Elevator....

Actually I love American Songbook stuff and even Rod's takes on them....I can't see Tyler doing it though...


If he's just gonna do more rock why not do it with what he's got; one of the best rock bands of the seventies which had plenty of the best rock bands ever!

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The Aerosmith Soap Opera Continues

by Paul Cashmere - November 12 2009

Less than a week after Steven Tyler announced he was through with Aerosmith and Joe Perry announced they were looking for a new singer comes the news that Aerosmith really is not changing at all.

Something is very, very wrong with the way this story has panned out and Tyler appears to have gone into damage control.

The Aerosmith frontman joined Perry on stage last night and said “I just want New York to know I am not leaving Aerosmith’.

Yes folks, the spin doctors have put this one in damage control.

Perry read about the alleged departure of his lead singer online. “What about fans? The people that also love him and put him where he is. After 40 years? And I gotta read it on line? I still got major jetlag,†he twittered on the weekend.

He seemed shocked by the news but not at all surprised. “Read online ST left band to do "brand Tyler"? That's all I know but like I've said hasn't called me in months. A bit cold forget us 4 guys,†he said.

Then yesterday, “In the meantime Aerosmith is positively looking for a new singer to work with. You just can't take 40 years of experience and throw it in the bin!â€.

Aerosmith currently has more twists than a Melrose Place episode. Stay tuned as we watch how this soap opera develops.

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