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Post-Umphrey's tonight


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Look here skanks...we all know this is gonna be a sweet show, and I actually kinda wish I could make it. But instead my band Huron is playing with Ian Blurton over at the Dakota, which is a sweet cowboy bar in the West end. We're starting with our own set, then backing Ian playing his new solo record "Happy Endings" beginning to end. We're doing this every Wednesday at the Dakota to celebrate the release of both of our records.

The night will easily go until 2am so as a gesture to you fine folks, many of whom I am SURE would appreciate what we're doing, I'll arrange at the door to offer two-for-one cover tonight for anyone showing their UM ticket. Can't say how late things will go over at the Opera House, and if you happen to be coming West anyway the Dakota is an awesome place to keep shit going. I'm pretty sure we're only charging 6 or 7 bucks anyway so you'll be getting in for like 3 bucks. Don't never say the Good Rev never did nothin for ya!

The whole night is going to be very psychedelic and and very heavy...there's a lot of Mule-esque Southern riffage, and in Ian's set there are generous helpings of live dub interspersed with psychedelia, balls-out arena rock, and Zeppelinesque riffin.

Of course you all know Ian from Change of Heart, Blurtonia, Bionic, and C'mon; he's produced records for the Weakerthans, Cursed, Amy Millan, Tricky Woo, Lowest of the Low, Rheostatics, Skydiggers, Illuminati, and now...Huron.

He's the beardiest one in the below photo of the five of us (though I am easily the second-beardiest):


Hope you can make it! If you head to our site there are lots of other Ontario dates for these shows, check'er out:


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