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Party Time!!! Download :)


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Party Time tracklisting

1. "Party Time" (Fishman) 2:43

2. "Alaska" (Anastasio, Marshall) 7:16

3. "Windy City" (McConnell) 5:20

4. "In a Misty Glade" (Anastasio, Marshall) 2:51

5. "Gone" (Anastasio) 4:10

6. "Only a Dream" (Gordon) 4:10

7. "The Birdwatcher" (Anastasio, Marshall) 2:16

8. "Let Me Lie" (Anastasio, Marshall) 3:57

9. "If I Told You" (McConnell) 3:53

10. "Splinters of Hail" (Anastasio) 3:33

11. "Can't Come Back" (Gordon) 4:38

12. "Shrine" (Anastasio, Marshall) 1:54

13. "Liquid Time" (Anastasio) 4:23

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Thanks for posting that.

I am listening to the sound check from 8 which is way crazier then most of what I heard from the actual fest (in terms of jamming and exploring the sound).

The sound isn't top notch, but still worth a listen Fest 8 Sound check

EDIT- upon further listen- this d/l is pretty unlistenable- don't d/l this link.

BUT if you can find a decent copy then feel free to up it, cuz the playing is pretty cool.

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