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Best ipod deals out there in Ottawa?

Northern Wish

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iPods, like all Apple products, are fixed price so you're not likely to find a deal, other than Future Shop or Best Buy knocking the occasional $10 off the MSRP.

I don't think you can buy a new iPod that doesn't do photos and video unless you go for a shuffle, but I wouldn't recommend one of those as they are extremely feature poor.

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The online Apple Store sells refurbished ipods which are most definitely the cheapest way to go if you want to buy new and have a warranty.

The Classics hold a lot of music / photos / videos and are easy to use. The Shuffle holds only music and is lighter / smaller and easy to use.

Go down to the Apple Store at the Rideau Centre and try them all out, see what you like and what you don't like. You can probably even order from the refurb store from the retail location.

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