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first night of fall tour....


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So glad I made the drive on a school night for this show! I thought the band was on fire, and there was a huge amount of energy in the arena for the show. I loved the selection of songs and music.

Their newest cd Joy has been in heavy play rotation for me lately and I really enjoyed hearing two songs from the new disc (Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan and Kill Devil Falls).

Mike Gordon’s bass playing was a huge treat for me at this show. I will be getting a copy of this show to hear it again. Down With Disease, Free, Mike’s Song > Weekapaug, etc. … lots of tasty bass playing and tone!

And Kuroda’s lights … amazing … I love how the lights are played like an instrument. There may be bigger and more elaborate lighting and staging setups out there, but I’m unaware of anybody who works the lights and does as much with them Kuroda does.

I thought the sound quality at the show was good, but not great. It seemed muddy at times. And the dynamic range of the sound seemed limited, although this could have been mainly from the song selection and playing rather than from anything else. But the sound was certainly good enough for me to enjoy and get lost in the music.

It was definitely worth the journey down the 401 and back for this show!

Peace, Mark

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that was a really fun show. so many wierd and wonderful things happened - relaxing day and ride; great hotel; easy over at the border; freaked-out, trippy, multi-nitrous'd venue underground parking lot; chili-laced coney island dog with chili fries for dindin; another nitrous filled street lot shakedown; last ever show at the well loved, antiquated concrete but welcomingly cosy cobo hall; old school, super comfortable first set; lights that killed; show poster that smells like gasoline; ballad filled second set; zero encore!; quick zip to the tunnel and hassle-free crossback; 30 minutes of slotting fun at caesars windsor for only $10; falafels and slices back in the suite with jimmy fallon.

roadtrips dont get much better than this. :)

(shamelessly copied from RC thread ... because I didnt see this one earlier)

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