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FZ releases since 1993


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Most of the Frank I have listened to have been shows/releases cut during his lifetime. There have been quite a few releases trickling out of the Zappa Estate Vaults since he died- wondering if anyone is keeping up with the newer releases- if so- what are your thoughts on them- any that are must have's or must hear's in your opinion?

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shit yeah!

The 'Easy Meat' on Halloween is easily the most stunning and ripping FZ guitar work I'd never heard before. FACK! The song starts and he can't wait to leap into that solo. PLAY LOUD.

Trance-Fusion kinda picks up where 'Shut up n Play yer Guitar' left off...

Wazoo is a hell of a treat to hear the jazz band live....best horn section...Sal Marquez and Bruce Fowler kill on this...

Joe's Menage is classic late 70's early 80's live Zappa...so is Buffalo....

There are others, can't remember them right now....but that's the meat and potatoes right there...

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