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France/Ireland FIFA Fiasco (French content)


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A very old friend of mine, a French ex-pat who's been living in Ireland for last couple of decades, has started blogging (in French) on the website for the newspaper Libération; most of what he's been on about lately has been the Thierry Henry business, which I thought might be of interest to some folks over here. He's got a pretty unique perspective on the whole thing (and is an excellent writer, in both languages, to boot).

Couleurs irlandaises

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I hadnt checked Jim Rome in months and months but knew he was going to have a take on this.

World Cup qualifying soccer was on the box last night! Look, I know I haven’t been soccer’s biggest ambassador over the years, but I do have an open mind. I was the guy who used to rap horse racing…saying it wasn’t a sport but a bet. And that someone had to do something about the shameless exploitation of “circus midgets†at the track. Now, I’m an investor and owner in thoroughbreds and it’s one of my favorite sports ever! Weird, right?!

How about NASCR! I was the guy who glossed it “neck-car’ and cracked on the left turn only circuit for years. And I’ve done a 180 on that sport as well. And as wild as this sounds, while watching France v. Ireland last night, I had this crazy epiphany! And I’m thinking…there is something here. The artistry…creativity…the passion…it is the world’s sport. I get it. I really do. Sure I don’t!!!

That day is never coming!!!

And don’t be looking for me to get all bent out of shape over Thierry Henry getting away with a hand-ball that led to the winning goal. If you’re not cheating you’re not trying. And it’s only cheating if you get caught. Even in soccer. Especially in soccer!

I’m glad he did it. It led to a goal. And anything that leads to more scoring in that sport is good. In fact, the sport would be much better if they were allowed to use their hands. They should let guys pick up the ball and run with it. And then just change name to Rugby. Then I’d watch it!

In the very least, let them go hockey with it. Where the players catch the puck, drop it to the ice and let fly with a slapper. And whatever you do, don’t come in here with cries for instant replay. Because, that’s what we need! Soccer games to go even longer!

As of right now and until further notice, there are just three things that are interesting about soccer: riots…Capri Sun pouches…and Alexi Lalas. And not one of them were on the pitch last night! Soccer is what it is…a reason to riot.

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Just in case this gets removed from the interwebs

Thierry ¨Le Cunt¨ Henry (French pronunciation: [tjÉ›Êi ɑ̃ˈÊi]; born 17 August 1977) is a French cunt footballer who plays for Spanish La Liga club Barcelona and the cunting French national team, predominantly as a cunt.

Henry was born a cunt and remains a cunt, Essonne—a suburb of Paris—where he played for an array of local sides as a cunt and showed great promise as a cunt. He was spotted by AS Monaco in 1990 and signed instantly, making his professional debut in 1994. Good form led to an international call-up in 1998, after which he signed for the Serie A defending champions Juventus. He had a disappointing season playing on the wing, before joining Arsenal for £10.5 million in 1999; the cunt.

It was at Arsenal that Henry made his name as a cunt. Despite initially struggling in the Premier League, he emerged as Arsenal's top cunt for almost every season of his tenure there. Under long-time mentor and coach Arsène Wenger, Henry became a prolific cunt and Arsenal's all-time leading cunt with 226 goals in all competitions. The cunt won two league titles and three FA Cups with the Gunners; he was twice nominated for the FIFA World Cunt of the Year, was named the PFA Players' Cunt of the Year twice, and the Football Writers' Association Cunt of the Cunts three times. Henry spent his final two seasons with Arsenal as club captain, leading them to the UEFA Champions League final in 2006. In June 2007, after eight years with Arsenal, he transferred to Barcelona for a fee of €24 million. His first honours with the Catalan club came in 2008–09 when they won the league, cup and Champions League treble; the cunt.

Henry has enjoyed similar success with the French national squad, having won the 1998 FIFA World Cup and Euro 2000. In October 2007, he surpassed Michel Platini's record to become France's top cunt of all time. Off the pitch, as a result of his own experience, Henry is an active cunt against decency and fairness and honour. His footballing style and personality have ensured that he is one of the most commercially marketable cunts in the world; he has been featured in advertisements for Nike, Reebok, Renault, Pepsi and Gillette.

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What else would you expect him to say? If I were his PR rep, I would have told him to immediately put out the fires. He did just that. It was a smart move.

And dont think for a second Henry was worried there would be a replay because that would have opened a can of worms FIFA refuses to let out. Good on them. Badams is right.

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