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Ratdog setlist, wishlist in TO


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well, i don't have a ticket yet, but the idea of Bob and the Ratdog bunch coming up to TO has me stoked!

Got me thinking about what i'd like to hear if I make it [smile]

Passenger > Easy to Slip > Greatest Story

Lazy Lightning > Supplication

Sailor > Saint

Weather Report > Let It Grow

and a couple of tunes very unlikely...Money Money

and Walk In The Sunshine [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

those two would be WICKED MAN!

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Weather Report Suite all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, they played it about a week or so ago which is about par for every time I get to see Bobby. That's how he keeps getting my 50 bucks--maybe, just maybe this time he'll do it this time! It's probably better that way, it would most likely signal my timely death having my life's quest finally over. It's all downhill from there kids!!!

A couple others that spring to mind as the rambling ensues:

Born Cross Eyed

New Potato Caboose

Looks Like Rain-Bobby Acoustic(don't forget your goggles if you're sitting in the first few rows)

The return of Rob Wasserman would be nice as well.

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Being a Weir freak, I would love to hear some of his solo stuff...

1. This Time Forever->Shade of Grey

2. Bomb's Away

3. Salt Lake City

4. Welcome to the World

and other stuff too...

5. Sailor->Saint

6. Eyes

7. Feel Like A Stranger

8. Music Never Stopped

9. Greatest Story

10. Black Throated Wind

11. Sittin' in Limbo

....damn, he has a lot of good tunes...funny enough, I think I've seen like 7 Weather Report Suites!!! he always plays it at shows I see, so maybe you'll get one in TO Weirdness!!

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I hope that somewhere between the "solos", the rest of the band pull out escrima sticks and beat the tar out of Mark Karan. For being so gutless.

Then maybe

Samson (quickly aborted cuz it aint sunday)

The Other One >

Supplication >

The Other One>

Mark Beating Reprise>

Corrina tease>

pull out of the audience and beat "the guy who wants to hear Walk In The Sunshine. (with an acapella Not Fade Away refrain.)


Take Me Too The River

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wrong way feeling

weather report


let it grow

Artifical flowers

west la

Set 2

City girls

shade of grey


hell in a bucket

he's gone

the other one jam



wharf rat

plyn reprise



e johnny b goode

super bobby has left itwide open for tonight, bertha jack straw, let the good times roll, half step, masterpiece acoustic please, definate SHAKEDOWN, i cant wait. e the weight

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10/28/2003 (Tue.) Smith Opera House, Geneva, NY

I: Jam > Playin in the Band > I Need a Miracle > Wang Dang Doodle > Wrong Way Feelin' > Weather Report Suite Prelude/Part 1@ > Let It Grow, Artificial Flowers > West L.A. Fadeaway

II: City Girls@4, Memphis Blues > Shade of Grey > Playin Jam > Hell in a Bucket > He's Gone > The Other One Jam* > Astronomy Domine* > Space > Wharf Rat > Playin in the Band (reprise) > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider

E: Johnny B. Goode

*-w/out Bob; last "City Girls" 10/19/2002; Last "Memphis Blue" 4/2/2002; First "Astronomy Domine" (sung by Jay)

So definitely no Playin'. I think they'll open with Touch of Grey and probably lay down Minglewood, Sugar Mag and Stranger. I really want to hear Ramble On Rose and Masterpiece.

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