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Summer Music Festivals on TV?

Greg Hemmings

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Hey...OK more than 1 post in a night....if you were to watch a TV series on TV, maybe CBC or something...what music festivals (not necessarily Heady festivals) would you like to see covered from across Canada????

Some ideas already...

Hillside Folk Festival *(guelph)

Dawson City Music Festival (yukon)

Newfoundland and labrador Folk Festival

Canmore Folk Festival

Any Westcoasters know of any good festivals???

Proposals are being written right now for my next project and I need ideas!!!!!

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The biggies in Van are the Folk fest at Jericho beach and the Jazz fest - both in summer. Other than that, Upstream's second annual Zoophorus Festival will be at the end of the summer in Whistler again - should be bitchen.

It is possible there may be another Kaleidoscope festival next summer (much like the Frontier Town thingys) - as long as someone else organizes it this time in a different location!!

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I've been to Hillside, the Winnipeg Folk Fest, and Owen Sound Summerfolk, and I think all 3 would be of interest to CBC watchers and listeners.

I'd say that Hillside is the funkiest and most "granola" in nature, followed by the Winnipeg Folk Fest and then Summerfolk (which is mainly an older crowd ... yes, older than me [big Grin] ).

It's been a while (10 + years) since I've been to the Winnipeg fest, but it was huge even then, with 10 stages if I remember correctly.

I'll be at Hillside this year for sure (already got my campsite booked!) and would love to see you there, Greg. But I will be with my wife [Wink] and kids ... and lots of friends.

Peace, Mark

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I definitely think Guelph should get a segment...we handle some pretty cool musical gigs in this neck of the woods...i support Kevos suggestion of Guelph Jazz fest- there is a lot of stuff that would be great on film...we have all these great workshops where all the players get together and jam- they are great and would look great filmed.

and there have been some fantastic jazz jam crfoss overs these last few years, we had Cyro Baptista here 2 years ago and this year just past we dave Fiuczynski and Dean Bowman of Screaming headless Torsos...and Dave's played with Medeski before...Dean and Dave played in seperate bands but i was floored by their jam connections... we also had Bill Frisell, Fred Frith, hamid Drake , Marshell Allen and Sun Ra...there have been some great Jam cross over artists, in fact Cyro was here before he was in Trey band, Kevin Briet- who lives just next door and was on the recent Norah Jones album. not to mention sicko Chicago underground duo and shark t- Chung Vu- trumpet player from Pat metheny.

and honestly most of these awesome acts i wouldn't have know about if it wasn't for the Jazz fest- I think showing it to a lot of head kids could introduce them to a lot fo shit they might never know.

Guelph Jazz Fest and Hillside- come hang in Guelph for some music.


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Shit. I totally forgot about the annual 'Under The Volcano' Festival in Cates Park, North Vancouver. Next summer will be the 14th year. This is DEFINATELY the type of festival that should be covered. It is a gathering of activists of all types in a beautiful setting with 50 or so musical acts on 4 stages. Everything from hip-hop and jambands to world beat, folk, metal - you name it. There's also lots of speakers covering local and global concerns.

Granola factor=10

Buckwheat-in-a-headlock feminist-lesbian activist factor=9.5

Anti-establishment "fuck the man" factor=11

here's the people that organize it: click here

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wow the under the volcano thiungs sounds super swet!

Jazz fest is basically - or has been the two years I have been involved- run over the course of a wednesday to a sunday - the first weekend in September. You wouldn't camp- it's held at venues around town- but it is a morning to night 4 and a half days and nights event. And the cast that comes is awesome.

by the way- if anyone is interested in supporting the Jazzfest- the Artistic director and his assistant happen to be playing a fundraiser in Toronto on the 25th at teh music gallery.

2 pm in the afternoon. tickets are $10- proceeds go to our continuing to put on more shows for your money than you can imagine.

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Hey -

The Guleph Jazz Festival is great. It's a lot less mainstream than any of the Toronto jazz festivals, and a lot cheaper, too! They frequently use churches for venues (**great** acoustics), as in the case of the Bill Frisell / Kevin Breit show two years ago - I also saw the Chicago Underground Duo in a church hall that year, now that I think about it. The Frisell show was actually *in* the church, though. Sun Ra Arkestra was great - and Andrew Hill solo improv was dazzling.

Interesting lineups every year, and run by some really nice people, too! [big Grin]


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