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Holiday traditions!

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I miss my childhood Christmas Eve tradition that included opening one present, and mom always reading to us from the same "Night Before Christmas" book before we hung our stockings, and went to bed.

Now my traditions include caviar, Eggnog with Spiced rum on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning Lynnie mamosas. Okay so I guess the holidays mean food and booze to me. I know I'm not alone.

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The Blues 106 and Jazz 106 Christmas editions on Chez 106.

Jazz is my favourite delivery medium for Christmas music (thanks to Brian and his Christmas shows), this time every I mourn not only the loss of those two shows from the airwaves, but now the loss of Brian Murphy himself.

He did turn me onto some amazing records though, ones that fill me with joy so though I miss him and his shows, it's not an unhappy time at all.

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Not many traditions from my youth still happening, except maybe watching the 1938 version of 'A Christmas Carol' on Christmas eve.

But, for the last 10 years, my good friend Glenn usually heads down from up north does his family thing on the 24th (he's Polish as well GM), then later in the evening heads to my place with a couple bottles of crown and stays until the 26th or 27th (sleeps it off while I do my family xmas on the 25th). It's about the only time I ever seen him anymore.

[edit to add]

We also used to celebrate Russian Christmas, but that tradition stopped when my grandparents passed.

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When I was a kid the whole family would get together at my grandmothers house on xmas eve for a Danish xmas, which was basically dinner with the obligatory Danish soup and elsque, and we would all open a (usually very creative) present from my grandmother. Unfortunately the tradition died when she did.

The thing I look forward to now is my annual 12-hour solo drive back east and home again. This will be the 20th straight year I've done the drive and I still relish it.

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Okay so I guess the holidays mean food and booze to me. I know I'm not alone.

Drinking and snacking from noon to midnight on Christmas Day still does it for me.

Sadly most of the traditions I enjoyed are no more, for various reasons. I feel like I'm chasing the ghost of a distant past when it comes to Christmas these days. Though I still love the holiday season.

Where is Patchoulia with her "bah humbug" anyway? ;)

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[spoilera:1]Brah humbug said wook to custy in the parking lot

28 days i been touring and ticks is all i got

sold some bunk acid to unsuspecting noobs

but gave away the real stuff for a glance at this sorority chick's boobs

and trolling over everywhere i managed to amass some schwill

trading it all when boozed up for a little magic pill

i thought it was kinda funny that it was blue, and not white

when i crushed it up and snorted it my nose was quite a sight

and every smell i smell makes blood rush to my head

after several hours of this trick i wished that i was dead

and now my face is red and sometimes purple too

sneezing produces buckets of sticky salty goo

but before i digress and gross you out too much

i gotta ask you bro can you spare a coupla bucks?[/spoilera]

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The Chatham Funk All-Stars Show (which i heard was a go) celebration for the last bunch of years back home. I think d-rawk tried to fight me at one of the last ones, go figure.

Haha! Yes, yes. Although, I thought that you'd started it. Shows how good my memory is.

For me it is all about watching Christmas Vacation with my sisters after the old people pass out. I see that Birdy has that on her list as well ( minus my super cool sisters ;) )

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I used to love the vibe of midnight mass when I was growing up, followed by that one present before bed, and then Xmas day full of food (mostly sugars till the pm) and my dad's relatives coming into town. These days, it's the house full of inlaws on Xmas eve, the required scads of booze, and then the way-early wakeup next morning (courtesy of the kids) and the explosion of presents. And a little (or a lot) of something for the morning coffee.

It'll be weird, this first Xmas without my mother, who was a Christmas nut par excellence, but we'll be sure to get back home to get into the spirit with my dad, sister, and her family.

And of course, no season is complete without at least one viewing of A Christmas Story, imo.

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