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Truly amazing expirence!


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"And I hope that the brief time I was with him today let him know me, even just a little, cuz I recognized in him something you usually only see in people: someone who needed a friend."

Nice. Extremely well written... I kept thinking there was going to be a punchline, that it wasn't real... nice to read that last line (quoted above). Very moving. Sounds like he had quite the moment.

The power and impact of simply the presence of another when one is utterly alone; it works both literally and metaphorically when you think about it.

It's interesting to see the effect that experiencing emotions, not usually felt day to day, can have on a person. Glad that he put pen to paper (or fingers to keys I guess) and documented it while it was still raw.


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Being a diver myself, and having a couple of wild underwater experiences with an Angel Shark and Sting Ray in Austraila....I loved the story!

I can say one thing...when you are diving it is like your underwater sanctuary, a garden with so much to discover, and a peacefulness I could never explain.

Beautiful Story -

Love/ Peace


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