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Fishman shot out of a canon? Replaced by girl from philly


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seeing the car outside at the top of the steps was a really fun ending to the whole week. thnx for the video, looks really cool the way they put the film together. we were behind stage that night and saw it was fishman in drag playing all along, so seeing the gag here is pretty cool.

So you are saying that Sara chick was not actually playing the drums? It was Fishman in drag behind the kit?

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I was Fishman side for NYE at the side of the stage. There was actually a "Sarah" who did climb down the ladder. Once she was down the ladder her and Fishman did a switch as she was walking towards the stage. They were both in identical clothes. At the end of the show when the boys came front stage Fishman walked behind his amp where Sarah was waiting and they did a switch. So, it wasn't Fishman who took the bow, it was actually Sarah. It was pretty funny to watch. When the boys went off stage Fishman was still behind the amp and tried to walk off unnoticed. Of course the people who raged the side stage saw all this.

Great prank!

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