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R.I.P Boogieknight

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i am so, so sorry to hear this. i think the last time i saw jesse was at the wilco/neil young show here in ottawa. he was always smiling, always made you feel at ease.

thinking of you eric and julia.. please give amber a big hug for me too. sending tons of love your way.... xoxoxoxo

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One of my memories of Jesse is in London at an after party...Jesse wanted me to play something on the guitar and for whatever reason, I decided to "try" to play him You Are Beautiful by Christina Auguilera-and badly I might add as I can't play worth a shit after a few drinks. I have no idea why I would risk an ass chooing or eternal razzing for playing a pop tune at a hippy party but I did. Jesse didn't judge or laugh...well maybe he laughed a little, I know I did.

It seems fitting so, this one's for Jesse:

Everyday is so wonderful

And suddenly, it's hard to breathe

Now and then, I get insecure

From all the pain,

I'm so ashamed

I am beautiful no matter what they say

Words can't bring me down

I am beautiful in every single way

Yes, words can't bring me down, oh no

So don't you bring me down today

To all your friends you're delirious

So consumed in all your doom

Trying hard to fill the emptiness,

The pieces gone,

Left the puzzle undone,

Ain't that the way it is?

You are beautiful no matter what they say

Words can't bring you down, no, no

You are beautiful in every single way

Yes words can't bring you down, oh, no

So don't you bring me down today

No matter what we do

No matter what we say

We're the song inside the tune

Full of beautiful mistakes

And everywhere we go

The sun will always shine

But tomorrow we might awake

On the other side

'Cause we are beautiful,

No matter what they say

Yes, words won't bring us down, oh no

We are beautiful in every single way

Yes, words can't bring us down, oh no

So don't you bring me down today

Don't you bring me down today

Don't you bring me down...


Goodbye Jesse. I feel privileged to have known you, even just a little.

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This post wacked me like a ton of bricks.

Eric, Julia, Des, Amber, my heart goes out to you guys.

Boogieknight was one of the first 100 people to join this forum on sept.25, 2001. He was a great contributor of positive posts here. He helped make this community a joyful place. I don't recall him ever getting involved in the many heated exchanges.

Even nice people can act like assholes online, hiding behind a persona, but his true, kind personality spoke on here which I believe is the way it should be.

RIP Boogieknight - Thanks for sharing all the good things you experienced with us.

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elemeno has one of Jesse's guitars at our place that hasn't been played in a while. I tuned it up and gave it a run last night in his memory. Made me smile :)

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who's experienced that feeling with his gear.

Jesse got a vintage Bass awhile back that always reminds me of being home. Whether it was playing music with him in Peterborough or playing an identical (but well-worn) bass at a family-friends' farmhouse rehearsal space in Kemptville, I always had a reason to smile and let loose.

I remember playing a beautiful hollowbody guitar when I lived in London and as it goes I couldn't afford to buy it for myself I thought that Jesse deserved to at least try the thing out.

Well, he did and it made its way into his collection. Turns out that instrument was very rare. I remember him talking to me about it and how amazed he was that it wanted to be played.

My friend Dave Klinger had recently found his way back to London from Sweden where he'd studied music and toured as a guitarist and after going through a rough patch and given up guitar.

Jesse asked him to try out his guitar and something clicked for Dave.

Now he's touring the country with country singer Jaydee Bixby (hey it's a gig) and if Jesse had never bought that guitar it could be argued that things would be very different for him and for myself.

I know I've been going through a really rough couple of years and Jesse snapped me out of a couple of ruts just talking about how far he'd come in the past while with his songs and playing his instruments.

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This post below is a message written by Jeremy Little. I'm sharing it on the site for him as he doesn't have a login. More beautiful memories of Jess....

"my last great hang with jesse truely shows how awesome and selfless he was.

two winters ago, when collett band and elkas band were doing a run of shows, we played the moho. that night there was a big snow storm and the roads were shit. jesse and amber opened their to home to both bands. gav and i had spent countless night's in jesse and amber's home after burt gigs, but now they opened their home to strangers as well. a long night was had...great times! they next day, after little desmond gave us an impromtu solo set and a massive family meal at the only, the tour took us to kingston. mike (guitar player collett's band) left his guitar at jesse's house. the morning after the kinston gig we were on our way to play lee's. jesse and amber got in the car and drove mike's guitar down to the 401 to meet us, just to save us time. collett and crew could not stop talking about the generousity from our gracious hosts. i kept telling the crew that this was jesse.

i told everyone of this sad news, and everyone sends their warm wishes. they felt privledged to have had this experience.

i will cherish all the moments i shared with jesse. " - Jeremy Little

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Thanks for all the kind words. There will be a gathering of friends this Saturday. If any one is interested in attending please privet message me.

This is totally informal event. Just friends chillin and remembering. open to everyone. it's at a good friends house just a few minutes down the road from Frontier Ghost Town (Markdale, ON)

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When I was in London, my Grandfather had become ill and my Father, Aunt, and myself were set to the task of packing up the old family home and going through the many trinkets, books, collectibles, and what have you. On the many travels over the UK, my grandparents built up a pretty large collection of Bosson Heads and wall sculptures. Of these I took roughly half, and I proudly hung them on the wall over an antique chair in my apartment.

I remember walking into Amber & Jesse's place, looking over on the wall and seeing a head on the wall, and though it wasn't a 'Bosson', being reminded of my collection and the few times I had visited my Grandfather as a child.

Anecdotes aside, The guy made me feel at home even without all of the little touches that tied into my life.

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