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Stephane Auger = worst ref ever?


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I kind of agree with Mack's POV. "In theory, a referee should be above evening the score or settling personal vendettas, but hockey is anything but a theoretical exercise."

Methinks this kind of stuff goes on all the time (Anyone see the YouTube I posted a while back with the ump calling a guy out and then telling him it was for chirping at him the game before?)

and the unwritten code is that you don't talk about it and it get's policed by the players and the ref's(umps) themselves. I also think that, as wrong or unethical as it is, Burrows did indeed open a "can of worms," by going directly to the media with it, rather than keeping it in-house. Now the NHL, the Refs and Nucks have to play the PR game that Im sure they would rather avoid.

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