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Luther Wright @ Babylon on Saturday


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For those who'll be in Ottawa tomorrow night and who aren't going to TMNS at the Bayou, Luther Wright & The Wrongs (with Cuff The Duke) are playing Babylon.

If you're unfamiliar with their work, they're most noted for having done a country version of "The Wall"; it's not parody, it re-casts the songs of The Wall as straight-up (and well-done) country songs. I saw them at the Tulip fest last year, and was astounded. They have a new album out, so I don't know how much "Wall" they'll be playing, but whatever they do, it'll be tons of fun, I figure.



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Cuff The Duke and Luther Wright - that's a sweet line-up!!

I saw LW&TR not too long ago in Pbro and really liked 'em. The new songs are pretty good. I really do love their sound. Its not a complicated sound; its simple and soothing. old time hurtin' music never did nobody wrong! they still throw a few Floyd songs into the mix too.

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