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Ottawa Anti-Prorogue rally this Saturday!

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I think it's simple enough Dinghy.

As I understand it, to prorogue Parliament is to suspend it, essentially close down the doors, and any bills before Parliament die when proroguing occurs. Again, the bills are not merely suspended, they die and thus would have to be started all over again.

So, not only does it mean all the MPs and Ministers and Harper himself get a bonus 5-6 week paid vacation, it also means anything they had been working on becomes a retrospective waste of time and money.

It's not as rare as it seems. I've read that Chretien prorogued Parliament and Trudeau did it quite often, though I had never heard of it until Harper did it. I think doing it twice in a row for the reasons he invoked is getting people upset.

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all the MPs and Ministers and Harper himself get a bonus 5-6 week paid vacation

Yeah, that's the part that really grinds my gears. They shouldn't be allowed to do this, but I suppose since they make the laws they can do whatever they want. How about extending the vacation to all canadians, or forgoing a salary when their not working like the rest of canadians?

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My big issue with the prorogue is that Bill C-6 was set to go through Parliament to be voted on after ammendments/changes from the Senate.

Now that bill's cooked, the incredibly perverted passages will most likely be found somewhere else in a future bill that may quite easily go under the radar.

We almost beat it this time and now it's set to reappear somewhere else.

So not only is it a huge waste of time and energy, but now there is growing concern that this absolute lack of respect for democracy by our own elected officials will not only continue but will become far more underhanded and sneaky in the future.

Maybe it's time to scrap it all and start over.

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No one said it was a vacation. Or those who did were simply trying to understand why.

We're saying it's undemocratic and demonstrates and incredible degree of contempt for the citizens of this country and parliament. Moreover, the justification that the gov't needs to "recalibrate" sounds hollow and plainly self-interested.

37.7% of the popluar vote gets to decide when the gov't does and does not sit.

I call bullshit.

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I can see on the news and read in the papers that many are still working. There is more to the job than sitting in the House.

I'm against prorogation (in this case) to be clear, but it's not accurate to say they're on vacation either.

Besides, the public service does all the work anyways.

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