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Ottawa Anti-Prorogue rally this Saturday!

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A really shitty side of the prorogation issue

You can watch the video at the link above, here are some points raised in there (copied and pasted from site).

Much has been debated about the potential costs for Canada's democracy with this winter's prorogation of Parliament.

But the CBC's Hannah Thibedeau looked into the real economic costs of this Parliamentary pause.

What she learned:

-222 seasonal employees (who only work when Parliament sits) have been temporarily laid off. These represent a wide range of employees, from dishwashers in the cafeteria, to translators and other clerks who work on the official Hansard record of proceedings. Many of these staff are in lower pay scales.

-The Public Service Alliance of Canada, the union representing many of these workers, says about 120 of these employees risk losing pension and health benefits. (If their annual hours drop below 700 hours, they cease to be considered employees.)

-A reasonable estimate for the operating costs of the 22 days Parliament is now NOT sitting during this prorogation period is more than $48 million. While the salaries these layoffs represent, as well as other activity-based costs, will be saved while nothing is happening on Parliament Hill, the rest of this cost remains, no matter what.

-It's difficult to estimate exactly how much taxpayers are spending without receiving any value in the form of legislative progress, but suffice to say it may be significant.

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Why would anyone want the C6 bill to pass anyways...It doesn't look so nice...

isn't this a good thing then?

Well, rS, on the surface, to many Canadians, it DOES look like a good thing, as the melanin (?) and lead paint scares of recent years have turned the safety of consumer goods into a new fear of the unknown.

There were parts of the bill that without careful scrutiny would have gone unnoticed, and those passages undermined parlimentary process and could easily harmonize any country/company's laws with ours - effectively circumventing due process and undermining Canada's (and our citizens') autonomy.

Anyhow, there are loads of resources online about C-6. I find it truly unfortunate that we now have to be vigilant to make sure that our own Gov't doesn't pass legislation that is not at all in our interests.

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Bouche and Velvet both said it was a vacation. A lot of the popular discourse describes this as a vacation.

Just for fun:


Did you read the Update at the bottom of that page?

I feel kind of gross sticking up for these people.

When I went to Mali last year I researched doing the same trip she was on. Just like the Inca Trail, most book ahead, but it's very possible to do it last minute.

And it was just for fun, it's not like I think that blog proved my point or anything.

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Prorogation has traditionally been used when the government's set agenda, ie. what they had laid out in a previous election campaign platform or previous Throne Speech, has generally been completed and they want to lay out some new plans/overall direction in a Speech from the Throne, then new legislation, etc.

The motivation for Harper's last two prorogations has been completely different - to avoid things...ie. the coalition challenge in the fall of '08, and now the Afghan detainee issue...

The only other time prorogation has been used in this way was once in the late 50's when the Liberal government of the day wanted to avoid debate on "the pipeline scandal" (I think it was called).. the results was the biggest Conservative Majority government in history (until Mulroney '84)...

Some food for thought eh?

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