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Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010

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Hello from Whistler. I've been really busy so I haven't been checking in. I'm working like the SOB that I am. If anyone is bored and wanting to be struck deaf, dumb and blind, I'm working MOD on Much at 5pm and 10pm EST, daily. If you look around the cameras on the floor or stage, you will more than likely see me (looking miserable due to the constant rain - at night the show is mostly indoors and I'm surrounded by drunk Aussies). Go Canada!!

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I'm working MOD on Much at 5pm and 10pm EST, daily.

Saw an incredibly stupid clip from Much Music during CTVs coverage on Friday afternoon, hot tubbing and doing body shots. Way to stink it up. I hope you're able to enjoy yourself still with all the ridiculousness going on there Jaimoe.

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I love the trash talk:

When Nate Holland swaggered into town for these Olympics, he promptly unloaded some colourful quotes.

He introduced himself here by taking a playful poke at Canada’s Own the Podium initiative.

“They can take that thing home,†said Holland, echoing a line he heard from a fellow American. “We’ll just rent it for the month.â€

When Canadian team vet Drew Neilson first heard it, he responded with a grin and a rebuttal.

Neilson started diplomatically but finished with a bit of spice.

“We’ve been training hard, we’ve had lots of support and we’re really well prepared,†said Neilson. “So, that rent will be unaffordable as far as I’m concerned.â€

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And what was the reasoning behind CTV getting the olympics in the first place?

It can't be their less-than-awesome record of mediocre-yet-flashy broadcasting

They chose to bid A LOT more money than CBC for the rights. (Same with the Hockey Night in Canada theme song). CBC is taking care of broadcasting the World Cup this summer from South Africa instead ;)

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