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Skank drinking game

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Rules (please add to them as you see fit):

1 chug whenever I make an cheeky sexual allusion

1 chug whenever Booche mildly insults anyone

1 chug whenever Schwa. mentions burning man

1 chug whenever Bouche tells someone that technology is the answer

1 chug whenever AD gets all semantic on someone's ass

1 chug whenever Your Truly posts something too long and meandering to read

1 chug whenever ollie seems to play devil's advocate

1 chug whenever bouche posts immediately after Ms.Hux or vice versa

1 chug whenever Mr.Big Time defends Carey Price

1 chug whenever Mark Tonin talks about smiling, 1 extra chug if he ties it in with dancing

1 chug whenever Esau is boozing before 10:00, 1 extra chug for every hour before 10:00 he's tippling

1 chug whenever Patchuolia offers up a freebie

1 chug whenever Jaydawg hypes a band

1 chug whenever Shainhouse tells us what city he's in

1 chug whenever BradM announces a new download available

I'm sure I could go on

1 chug for each of nibbler's on-the-verge-of-being-institutionalized conspiracy theories

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this game may make the site implode...
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'A method actor was rushed to hospital after he collapsed on stage while drinking real vodka to give a convincing portrayal of a Russian drunk. Marc Schulze, 36 - appearing in 'Moscow - Petushki' by Russian satirist Venedict Yerofeyev in Frankfurt, Germany - had downed one shot after another during the course of the show. But the audience realised something was wrong when he started missing his lines and staring blankly at other actors.

'One theatre-goer said: "He was turning in a very realistic performance and it looked really impressive. I was amazed at how good his drunken staggering was and how he was slurring his words. But as the performance went on he started to miss lines and looked really confused and the audience could tell there was something wrong. Then he just collapsed." Now he has been ordered by producers to stick to water in future shows'

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