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Roll Call- Ratdog in Toronto on WED!


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Check out this Ratdog show, available at STG. I'd shit myself if we got this.


October 25, 2003

Beacon Theatre

New York, NY


- AKG 393 ORTF / A27 / AT8410 loge

- B18 > Denecke AD-20 44.1 > Sony PCM-1

Disc 1 (59:28.43)


- set one -

01: jam

02: Help on the Way >

03: Slipknot >

04: Jack Straw >

05: Dark Star

06: Jam

07: Bertha >

08: Cassidy >

09: Loose Lucy

Disc 2 (44:31.20)


01: Deep Elem Blues >

02: Ashes and Glass

- set two -

03: jam @ >

04: Blackbird @>

05: Candyman @ >

06: Dark Star

Disc 3 (56:03.12)


01: Sitting in Limbo >

02: Scarlet Begonias

03: Drums & Sax & Keys >

04: Knocking on Heavens Door >

05: Throwing Stones >

06: Slipknot > Franklin's Tower

- encore

07: crowd

08: Saturday Night

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Why does Bobby sing Jerry tunes?

Becauase Jerry's DEAD!!!

Does he always pull it off?


He doesn't forget the words as much though!!!(not by much)

Keep in mind that Phil sings Jerry tunes too which many consider sacrilige, but the point is that it would be a shame to see all those great tunes put to rest just because the guy died.

I also hate Bobby's rendition of Touch of Grey, but love it when he busts out something like St. Stephen, which he can pull off fairly well.

It's all about the "Spirit Of The Dead"--there are NO rules, ANYTHING can happen.

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I'm guessing its a no smoking event, but that you can go outside whenever you want.

As for booze, if I remember correctly the bar downstairs is a good one, but you can't take it to your seat. But it is a stacked bar.

You can likely buy a soda and fill it up from the mickey you shoved down your pants on the way in... [Wink]

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