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BT's -M.Davis, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman

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These hot items are now up at STG, in the Jazz Forum, started by none other than SECONDTUBE (clap,clap,clap......)

Miles Davis "The Making of Kind of Blue"(outakes)

John Coltrane "Denmark'62"

Ornette Coleman "Carnegie Hall'03"

Guaranteed to blow your mind!

Keep on Groovin' Nn

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Hey RnB!!! HA--welcome to my world...I've got 7/80 gigs left...that 2ndtube man has turned me into a worse junkie than I ever was...it is indeed

Xmas everyday....can somebody just invent hard-drives like floppy's used to be..just take out an 80 giger and throw in another!!!?

Not stopping until the guys-in-the-whitecoats show up...knock knock ....gotta' go! Nn

Take Care !

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