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As told by Bobby Weir after the next tune:

So there's this woman on a bus, right. And she has this little poodle. And this guy gets on the bus, see. And he's, like, all rich and shit and he sits right next to the woman with the poodle. And then the guy, right, pulls out this big, honkin' stogey. And right there on the bus he lights it up, see. And the little poddle starts coughing cause of the smoke. And so the eoman asks the man, "Would you mind putting out that cigar? It's bothering my dog". So the guy looks at her and the dog, and then he takes a big, long pull on the stogey and blows all the smoke in the dogs face. So the dog starts coughing up a storm and really freakin out and the woman grabs the cogar out of the guys mouth and throws it out the window, see. So the guy grabs her poodle and throws it out the window. The woman is all frantick, like, and jumps off the bus but the little poddle has run off. For a few days she loks everywhere and puts up posters and such, but hear's nothing back about her porr little lost poddle. So two weeks later she is sitting on her porch thinking about the lost poddle and then, all of a sudden the poodle comes walking up the driveway with something in it's mouth. Do you know what it was?

A Brick!

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