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Ottawa Bluesfest rumours?

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Chez 106.1 says:

Rush - entire album live for the first time


Oh geezus, I thought they were going to announce this thing all at once. It seems they are trickling them out one at a time.

You're on your own. I guess we'll get the full list in the morning. I can't sit through Rush long enough to wait for the others to be announced.

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Moody Blues

Iron Maiden

(above two I got from the commercials)

[one pauses here to dispair that Chez got the exclusive -- it's a classic rock station, they aren't going to mention any of the cool side stage stuff]

Fuck this fucking station right in its fucking asshole. I'm suffering through Knights in White Satin right now.

[edit:] Wish that I had seen Bouche's post from a few minutes earlier .. would have saved me a lot of pain.

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Bouche got the early goods

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Winnipeg Folk Festival overlapping acts

John Hiatt and The Combo

The Swell Season.

The Levon Helm Band

Andrew Bird,

Cat Empire

Alvin Youngblood Hart

The Rural Alberta Advantage,

I did also have a recent chat that let me know that its becoming much more common for Bluesfest to be booking in conjunction with the Molson Amp now- rather than these folk fests as in the past.

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forgive me if someone already posted this, i was just on Old Crows site, they have thurs. july 15th showing Cisco Bluesfest in Ottawa. This may be the bluesfest i drive to fekking ottawa for afterall

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