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Saw this on pholktales.com and thought you'd enjoy it.

from RU a Phishhead?

"You're driving to a free Dickey Betts show in the 'cuse and you see a billboard in the distance... it's plain white with three capital black letters, FEE. And that's the only writing on the billboard "

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Yup, we (Mr. Musicface, Bald Guy In A Blanket and I) saw at least three of those on our way from Toronto to Noblesville, IN via Cleveland.

Me: Guys, I think we're going to get a "Fee" this [Deer Creek] run.

Them: Why?

Me: Look out the window...

But we didn't get one. Somebody owes me a Fee, damnit. Albany and Boston, here I come...



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In fact, it was funnier than that. Brad said "guys I think we're getting a Fee - I've seen the sign." For a second we thought he was gonna tell us he'd heard the voice of god or something 'til he pointed at the billboard. Ya had us worried for a sec there buddy! [Wink]

I think the only thing funnier on that run was Bald Guy holding the hamsteak out the window to dry it off... you probably had to be there.

- M.

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