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Nov. 14 PJC - DJ Logic w/ GTB


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keep instagating....

unless your going to make some valid points one way or another, you not going to climb the ranks of a decent instagator....

your kinda like the little short kid in middle school who was always too afriad to fight, but loved to stick his nose in the middle, trying to get things going...

[Roll Eyes]

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tickets $15 and available @ the door

Born in the Bronx in 1972, DJ Logic experienced the birth of hip-hop first-hand. As a young teenager, Logic received a pair of turntables for Christmas and was soon spinning music for dances and parties in gymnasiums and private homes all over his native borough. Logic got his start playing live turntables with musicians in 1990 as a member of forward thinking rock group Eye and I. After some early tutelage from Living Color guitarist Vernon Reid, many members of New York’s downtown jazz scene took notice of the innovative young DJ and the fresh sounds he brought to their music. By the mid-nineties, Logic was playing live gigs all over the city and had recorded on albums for Reid, trumpeter Graham Haynes, and clarinetist Don Byron.

After hitting it off with funk trio Medeski, Martin & Wood at their historic Shack Parties in 1996, Logic became MMW’s unofficial 4th member, as he toured with the band, recorded with them on their Blue Note album Combustication, and doing remix tracks for them. A big break for Logic, his work with MMW made him a sensation in jazz, the "jam band" world, and hip-hop, leading to work with jazz musicians like John Scofield, Joshua Redman, and Christian McBride; jam bands like the Allman Brothers and members of Phish; and hip-hop masterminds like Prince Paul, Ursula Rucker, and Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson (from the Roots).

Logic’s first gig as a bandleader was in 1999 as PROJECT LOGIC, a trio with two old bandmates from Eye and I. By 2001, The Project had grown into a quintet, recorded two albums for ropeadope records, and crisscrossed the country on several tours, introducing

the entire country to turntables in a live band setting. In 2002, Logic co-lead two groups, each with a long-time collaborator: a duo with DJ Logic

and Rob Wasserman (from the Grateful Dead), and The Yohimbe Brothers with Vernon Reid, the latter group recording Front End Lifter for ropeadope and touring as a six-piece live band. In addition, Logic’s role as an in-demand producer grew, remixing tracks for groups like Soulive, Gov’t Mule, and Phish.

In 2003, Logic has been taking his music back to its roots, playing solo DJ gigs all over the country and participating in one-off collaborations with everyone from Arlo Guthrie to Buckethead. Later this year, Logic will release his third album under his own name, a solo, DJ-oriented record that will showcase his production skills.

"Logic had a tone, a sound, a style of his own. He became a

musician first, and a DJ second...that is what set him apart

from the rest of the competition." Vernon Reid, 1996

DJ Logic has performed or recorded with:

Allman Brothers Band


B.B. King

Bela Fleck

Ben Harper

Blue Oyster Cult

Bob Weir


Charlie Hunter

Cyro Baptista

Deantoni Parks

Del McCrory

Derek Trucks

Dirty Dozen Brass Band

DJ Olive

DJ Spooky

Don Byron


Graham Haynes


Jack Johnson


John Popper

John Scofield

Karl Denson

King Curtis

Living Colour

Marc Ribot

Marco Benevento & Joe Russo

Medeski, Martin & Wood

Mike Clark

Mike Gordon

Mister Rourke


North Mississippi Allstars

Oteil Burbridge

Page McConnell


Prince Paul

Rat Dog

Rob Wasserman

Robert Randolph

Robert Walter

Ron Miles

Rusted Root


Sex Mob


String Cheese Incident

Trey Anastasio

Vida Blue

Widespread Panic


"Satchmo = Grandmaster Flash, Bird = Marley Marl, Miles = DJ Logic."

JazzTimes, December 1999

"Like some hip mutant offspring of DJ Shadow and the JB’s, The Anomaly lays eggs of infectious rhythm in your ear." 9 out of 10

Alternative Press, July 2001

"...Logic is the Miles Davis to Faust’s James Brown, the John Fahey to Z-Trip’s Eddie Van Halen.

Spin Magazine, January 2000

"DJ Logic provides a glimpse into the future and has developed an improvisational style fiercely attentive to pitch, rhythm and space...his debut album, Project Logic, might be described as the ultimate turntablist jazz record."

New York Times, Sunday May 28, 2000

"Seldom do DJs turn out something so fiercely imaginative and steadfastly danceable."

CMJ New Music Report, Jun 18, 2001

"As musically ‘accomplished’ DJs go, it’s harder to find anyone with as many credits as DJ Logic. Serving as conductor, arranger, bandleader, as well as wikky-wikky guy, Logic proves he’s no novelty."

8 out of 10

Mixer, May 2001

"Of all the jocks who pride themselves on vinyl shredding flair, few can splice styles, bring the beat science, or funk it as chillfully as the Bronx’s DJ Logic…The Anomaly is one muthalode of out-there grooves."

LA Weekly, May 18, 2001

"There’s all kinds of talk about DJ Logic—how he’s using turntables to reinvent electronic jazz; how he’s not just scratching, but leading a band; how he’s turning hiphop notions around by shooting them through Miles Davis. But with all the pontificating and comparative critique—all of it important no doubt—what gets lost is the real power of Logic and his crew: the fun."

Philadelphia Weekly, June 20, 2001

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second tube,i enjoy how dip shits like yourself ASSume i'm trying to start something with a simple [Mad] .. [Roll Eyes] i dont see you questioning the smile beside GTB. are you saying you dont agree with it? [Eek!]

and anytime you wanna go a round with this short little middle school kid i'll make a special trip to toilet town just for you. then we'll smoke a bowl like we always do! [Wink] oh and leave the instagating to me

schwa [Wink] your friend list must be getting short these days,no?

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well, i'll start... DJ Logic is easily the most overhyped DJ around. His scratches are basic, his samples and loops are unoriginal, and beyond the jamband circle, he is virtually unknown. But I'll still be there checking him out, seeing if he'll prove me different. I'm more excited to see GTB. Their new songs have me interested in seeing what they can do with them, and their playing gets better every time I see them. To be honest DJ Logic is just a novelty that will add some hype to an already great show . Great work Show-whore booking him, I look forward to more big name acts coming through PJC. But let's be honest about DJ Logic's abilities...

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well, i guess each to his own...

when i saw project logic, i thought they blew moe out of the water, and they opened for moe....

i realize he'll be solo, but he was also solo on so many roads tour...and i enjoyed him there....

i like him because rather than playing pointless repeatious beats, he layers different sounds together...

i'm excited.

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"i like him because rather than playing pointless repeatious beats, he layers different sounds together...

i'm excited." - secondtube (sorry, I don't know how to quote someone)

Dude the best rave beats layer crazy sounds together... why hate on nero and other bands that layer sounds together, yet support a DJ's abillities? I mean, he's entirely electronic, right? And as for layering, as I said, I have some trance that will blow your mind... so why all the hatred towards hippy trance? Seems a little hypocrytical, along with your negative posts about nero, yet seeing you at every PJC nero show I've been to...

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i'm sorry i dont fluff nero every chance i get...i'm not sure how they got brought up here, but might as well answer the question...

why do i go to the nero shows in hamilton? well that should be obvious. but i guess i should spell it out. local support. my good friends run the bar. and hell, i even enjoy a good setbreak conversation with the stinky drummer...

jay knows i have full resepct for that band, i dont need to gush here. i go their shows. i pay my money at the door, even though its not asked of.

other than saying they have an electric sound to them(which i guess jambands.com agree's with, by their description of them opening for moe), i dont see how i hate on nero. hell if anything i bring lots of friends who spend their money at the door, which goes in their pocket.

i could just say, they are some crappy trance band, dont bother...that would be hatin' on nero.

i'm also sorry that you dont like the fact that i dont like everything out there....as long as i spend my money like everyone else, i have an opinion. I'm allowed to say i dont mind the new BNB, even if others disagree....its the beautiful thing, i paid my 8 dollars to check it out...

Now i said Logic doesn't play pointless beats in comparision to your average dj. Still not sure how nero got mixed in...

Why would i support a dj's abilities, well, a great friend is bringing him to Ontario, another good friend is running the bar that the show is in...wouldn't that be enough reason?

But if not, i did mention i saw him play with his band and LOVED him, as well as heard him solo on So Many Roads tour...and he was great there as well...

You may very well have some trance that blows my mind. Remind me next time you book them at PJC, so i can come down and check them out, like dj Logic.

I'm being honest about dj's abilities, and i imagine the full bar will also reflect his magic. of course, gtb wont hurt....especially if they play together....

Once again, nero sucks. (just to keep the hatin going)

Remember the trade we did a while back, do u think it was just coincidence i picked a nero show??? lol.


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Well, if you call a trade stiffin' me for 3 discs (still waitin' on TOO Albany '02, no worries), mailing issues or not, then maybe you grabbed some nero, sure... I B&P/trade a lot of nero (speaking of support)... The fact that you grabbed some off me only further reinforces my point about how hypocrytical you are about nero. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers your rants about the hippy trance movement, especially while you stood up and defended BNB for their attrocious gate prices (yet criticized me for defending nero's), complained about the montaney (sp?) of nero's music (yet grabbing shows and seeing them live), and now get offended when someone calls DJ Logic for what he is... a bland, mediocre, overhyped DJ? I don't understand... I respect your opinion on a lot of musical issues, but I have difficulty understanding this... Perhaps we can discuss it over a beer at the show... Cheers dude...

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Wow. This is a funny thread. "secondtube" has about the best musical tastes of anyone on this board. You, "del-head" seem to really have no opinion yet to push nero, who are bland-assed pedal-wankers extraordinaire, and dispel the notion that anything else has merit. "secondtube" is about the most respect deserving human in this space. He constantly goes out and makes a party out of just about any band that comes to town and gives it their best. Yet, this is not due to a lack of taste, but rather due to a commitment to the scene; for surely he has very descriminating and developed tastes that we all can attest to. Now, I may be innebriated (which is not unusual) but I can surely call a spade a spade. "secondtube" is an open-minded, scene-supporting, opinionded (and backs it up), fun-loving, joint-sharing human being that deserves the upmost respect. You, on the other hand, seem to do not much more than blab about nero and shoot down other people's opinions.

(Lookin' forward to us all havin' a beer on Friday night!)

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I myself am looking forward to the show,I really enjoyed the GTB show(from the Cellar I think?) with Logic,Streetsleeper with Logic,I love it.

And if anyone knows me,you'll know it is hard or was at one time anyway for me to even listen to a DJ on the radio or disc let alone live(which at times I still cringe),but with bands like JSB,GTB(for example) I have grown to enjoy some of this "trance" that occurs,although I find most of "trance" extremely boring to say the least.

I know I will have fun at this show.

Period. [big Grin]

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Willy, it's funny, I was thinking you don't do anything but come on this board and come down on nero... it's funny how things look from the other side... in my post, I stated that I respect his musical opinions... just not this one. So why are you chastising me over that point? Second of all, I don't see why just because you don't like a particular band (ie. nero), that anyone who does like them has no taste in music. Have a look at my CD-R list, you'll see I have a wide variety of stuff I listen to. You on the other hand don't seem to like anything, and never get behind any bands on here. You seem to get enjoyment from talking about how shitty everyone else's tastes are... What makes your opinion more valid than mine? And why are you so sure secondtube's is more valuable than mine? I'm saying everyone has a right to like/dislike a band, but just because Willy or secondtube or anyone else for that matter says something, doesn't make it law. If anything, your constant over-use of the term "pedal wankers" shows your ignorance of the band and their music. What else do you have to say about them? Or is that your best (and seemingly only) arguement? Ever been to a show, or listened to a CD? My arguements about Logic were valid in my opinion, I claimed I was excited to see both him and GTB, and didn't mention nero in my first post on this thread... Why the hostility? Willy, you're the one with little to say in my opinion. I make it out to just as many shows as secondtube, always have a great time, and try to support as many good bands as I can. Yet I don't see you at too many shows... So I'm going to "call a spade a spade" and say that you don't know me... so don't assume anything about me. People who know me know I support this scene, love music and yes, happen to be a huge nero fan... All I know about you is you have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to nero, LOVE the term "pedal wankers", and you seem to enjoy telling people how much more your opinion matters... Hopefully both you and DJ Logic will prove me wrong that night, I try to be cool with everyone in the scene. There's already too much drama in the scene...

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"I make it out to just as many shows as secondtube, always have a great time, and try to support as many good bands as I can"

Words to live by. If the band is good, support them. If they're shit but they're your friends, choose to support them or spend your money elsewhere. And if they really do suck, and you don't want to see them again, don't feel that your duty to the scene is to go anyway. Would you do so in any other aspect of your life?

No need to fight over the semantics of it. If Willy says their Pedal-Wankers then he thinks they're Pedal-Wankers. Del-head, try not to fall into the cluttered pile of Jambands.ca folks who say "I value your opinion, but you don't even know [band]'s music at all!". Unless they are commenting on a band they've never seen before, they've gathered their evidence and rendered their verdict and no amount of slagging and insulting will turn them around.

Oh, and the Nero guys are nice guys but I don't like their music [smile]

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Two thumbs up to showwhore and Ken at Pepper Jacks for making this happen. It's not easy to put on a bigger show, and I say thank you and bravo to them for putting this one together.

I hope that it sells out, and that those of us who attend are blown away by the music. I'm confident that my hopes will materialize.

Peace, Mark

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